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ALBERTO DI CINTIO, architect, lives and works in Florence, where he is the responsible of the Laboratorio Comunicazione Visiva of the Dipartimento Processi e Metodi della Produzione Edilizia of Facoltą di Architettura. He is member in the Administration Council of MEDIATECA REGIONALE TOSCANA Foundation; and responsible of the Video section of CONTAINER-CENTRO CULTURA CONTEMPORANEA of Florence. He is also author of books and articles about florentine town-planning and particularly on the conditions of outskirts and environmental degrade. He realized as videomaker : FACE (Special Prize Ricerca e Sperimentazione VIDEO SCOTCH TROPHY-MILANO 1983 - Prize Effetti Speciali Festival di MIRANO 1984), COWS (prize to VERSILIA VIDEO 1987), SCULPTURES, IL RECUPERO DEL PARCO DEL NETO, MY WAY, CASE TORRE A FIRENZE, CLAUSURA, ROSSJA, MAGICO UNDICI (prize to 3° Festival del VIDEO-Firenze 1988), ALFABETO ERRANTE, L'ORIZZONTE DI NERI (prize to 4° FESTIVAL DEL VIDEO-FIRENZE 1989 - select from FLORENCE FILM FESTIVAL to exposition in NEW YORK 1990 - 1° prize to 3° VIDEOMEDIA-NUMANA 1990 - recognition signal to 19° FILMFESTIVAL DER NATIONEN-EBENSEE, AUSTRIA1991 - on air 11.10.91 on TVR Television - 2° prize to 1° Festival DE STIJL VIDEO-GENZANO 1991 - recognition signal to 8° INT. IDAF-DUISBURG, GERMANY 1992 - 1° prize for cat. "Illustrations de chansons" to CHASSEURS DE SONS '92 organized by RADIO FRANCE-PARIS, FRANCE 1992 - 1° prize to Concorso IL CASTELLO-LARI 1993 - 2° prize to Concorso NATURA E AMBIENTE-PONTASSIEVE 1994), LA PERLA DELLA VAL D'ORCIA (prize to 5° FESTIVAL DEL VIDEO-FIRENZE 1990 - on air 3.11.90 and 9.6.91 on ITALIA 1 network - 1° prize to 2° COMICVIDEO-RIMINI 1992), 27.O1.2O1O (prize to 5° FESTIVAL DEL VIDEO-FIRENZE 1990 - special prize to TELEVISIONI-LUCCA 1990 - recognition signal to 9° INT. IDAF-DUISBURG,GERMANY 1993 - recognition signal to 21°FILMFESTIVAL DER NATIONEN-EBENSEE, AUSTRIA 1993), URIZEL, OTHELLO (prize to 3° UNDERFLORENCE-FIRENZE 1990 - showing in cinema SPAZIO 1 of Florence, 22 and 23 may 1991 - special prize to 19° Concorso Nazionale di LASTRA A SIGNA 1991 - recognition signal to 3° National Video Concourse CITTA' DI FANO 1991 - special prize to 31° FOTOGRAMMA D'ORO-CASTROCARO 1991 - prize Silver Ear of Corn to 2° Biennal of the Cinema For Peace-PISA 1991 - recognition signal to 20° FILMFESTIVAL DER NATIONEN-EBENSEE, AUSTRIA1992 - in exposition to LAING Art Gallery-NEWCASTLE, GREAT BRITAIN 1992 from 20 august t o 18 october - recognition signal to 10° INT. IDAF-DUISBURG, GERMANY 1994), CARTA DA PACCHI, MIRTILLO ESANGUE (showing in cinema SPAZIO 1 of Florence, 2.12.1991 - recognition signal to 32° FOTOGRAMMA D'ORO-CASTROCARO 1992), IL QUARTIERE DI S. CROCE IN FIRENZE TRA RECUPERO E TRASFORMAZIONE (special prize to 1° VIDEOPRESENZE-PISA 1992 - prize to 7° FESTIVAL DEL VIDEO-FIRENZE 1993 - 1° prize to 5° "E. ZACCONI"-CAMAIORE 1994) TIPOLOGIE EDILIZIE E TESSUTO URBANO DISEGNO INDUSTRIALE: LA SCUOLA DI FIRENZE(honour's diploma to 2° ART ET CULTURE DANS L'INDUSTRIE ET LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE-ESTAVAR, FRANCE 1992), UN FIUME RITROVATO: IL TORRENTE MUGNONE A FIRENZE (on air 26.7.93 on TG3-RAI3 - recognition signal to 2° NATURA DOC-BOLOGNA 1995 - on air 24.9.96 on TELESCIROCCO - recognition signal Jury-Public to 3° CULTURA UOMO-AMBIENTE-TRAPANI 1996), DISEGNO INDUSTRIALE: LA SCUOLA DI FIRENZE (honour's diploma to 4° ART ET CULTURE DANS L'INDUSTRIE ET LA RECHERCHE SCIENTIFIQUE-ESTAVAR, FRANCE 1994), ARTE E FINZIONI (2° prize to 4° "E.ZACCONI"-CAMAIORE 1993 - prize of the public to 4° VIDEO AMATEUR-SIENA 1994 - 1° prize, prize for the photography, prize for the screenplay to 8° FESTIVAL DEL VIDEO-FIRENZE 1994 - recognition signal to 3° VIDEOPRESENZE-PISA 1994 - SILVER EBESEER BEAR to 22° FESTIVAL DER NATIONEN-EBENSEE, AUSTRIA 1994 - on air 4.4.94 on TELEREGIONE and 24.4.94 on TG3-RAI3 - 3° prize to 6° FANO VIDEO FESTIVAL-FANO 1994 - special prize for editing to 34° FOTOGRAMMA D'ORO-CASTROCARO 1994 - recongnition signal to 1° Concorso Nazionale del VIDEO-CORTOMETRAGGIO-PESCARA 1994 - 2° prize to CONCORSO VIDEO-PONTASSIEVE 1994 - prize to VIDEOMAKERS!-ROZZANO 1995 - on air 9.4.95 on TELEIDEA - recognition signal to 27° OPERE NUOVE-BOLZANO 1995 - prize to 19° RASSEGNA NAZIONALE DEL CINEMA E VIDEO-CASTEGGIO 1996 - on air 14.6.96 on RTV/TELESANMARINO in the program "Speciale Lumiere" - prize for the photography to 1° VIDEANDO-FIRENZE 1996) ENIGMA (1° prize to VIDEO AMATEUR-MONTISI 1993) % BICHO PREGUICA (in the competitive selection of the FESTIVAL MUNDIAL DO MINUTO - S.PAOLO, BRASIL 1993 - top prize in cat. Videoclips to 21° EKOTOPFILM-ZILINA, SLOVAK REPUBLIC 1994 - recognition signal and best direction prize to 22° Concorso Nazionale di LASTRA A SIGNA 1994 - prize to 19° IT'S UP TO YOU TOO -UHERSKE HRADISTE, CZECH REPUBLIC 1994 - special prize of MSZP to 4° RETINA-SZIGETVAR, HUNGARY 1995 - 2° prize to 2° ENVIROCOM-NEUCHATEL, SWITZERLAND 1996 - prize of Jury to 2° ENVIROFILM-BANSKA BYSTRICA, SLOVAK REPUBLIC 1996 - recognition signal to 28° OPERE NUOVE-BOLZANO 1996 - on air 27.12.96 on RAI 3 ), IDEE IN FORMA (honour's diploma to 5° ART ET CULTURE DANS L'INDUSTRIE ET LA RECHERCHE SCENTIFIQUE-ESTAVAR, FRANCE 1995 - prize Provazské to 22° EKOTOPFILM-ZILINA, SLOVAKIA REPUBLIC 1995 - prize for the best sound track to 2°VIDEOGRAMMA-CATANIA 1996 - Certificate of Honour to 3° SOUREH INT. FESTIVAL-ISFAHAN, IRAN 1996), IL SIGNOR COOP (on air 5.3.95 on TELEREGIONE)SENZA PAROLE (recognition signal to 6° "E. ZACCONI"-CAMAIORE 1995 - prize to PIANETA VIDEO-CHIANCIANO 1996) and the video/installations G.R.A.M.S.C.I. (1987), PROMET (1988), NEOSITUAZIONISMO (1992), NEOANTICO (1993), KASKO VIRTUALE (1994). In february 1989 he partecipated to the course "COMPUTER GRAFICA E ........." directed by Mario SASSO at the Documentation Centre at Palazzo Fortuny in Venice. In may 1989 at "SCRITTURE DEL VISIBILE" - Contest for story board in Narni with the video project "LA GIOCONDA", and in may 1990 with the video project "SOUL PEANUTS/NOCCIOLINE DELL'ANIMA". In special show on TV Station VIDEOMUSIC, in the program "HOT LINE ENTERPRISES", on air 24.4.90. On june 1990 he partecipated, as Chief of the Laboratorio Comunicazione Visiva del Dipartimento Processi e Metodi, to the INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF AUDIOVISUAL SCHOOLS AND TRAINING CENTERS, which took place in MONTBELIARD (France). In november 1990 he was guest of AVE FESTIVAL di ARNHEM (Holland), in selection with the video L'ORIZZONTE DI NERI, and 1991 in selection with the video 27.01.2010 and OTHELLO. In 1991 he was guest of INTERNATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL RETINA of SZIGETVAR (Hungary), in selection with the video L'ORIZZONTE DI NERI, OTHELLO, URIZEL, and 1993 in selection with 27.01.2010. Present to 3° VETRINA ARTE EUROPA, european multimedia art show in FLORENCE, 7-14 april 1991. In may 1991 he partecipated to 8° International Festival AUDIOVISUALS AND SCHOOL of MONDAVIO, to act for CENTRO DIDATTICO TELEVISIVO of the University of Florence. 25 march 1991 and 8 april 1991 he was organized of the meeting with TAORMINA ARTE VIDEO (in Vegni Palace in Florence); 27 june 1991 with AVE FESTIVAL of ARNHEM. He was organized of the 12th FLORENCE FILM FESTIVAL - 4th UNDERFLORENCE (20-21.december 1991), where he was looking the indipendent videomakers show. On december 1991 he partecipated to the SCREENPLAY'S STAGE directed by Massimo MOSCATI, at the Centre LA PALAZZINA of Imola. 26 march 1992 to 9 may 1992 he was organized CITY SYMPHONY, Festival about "Cinema and Architecture", in the Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci of Prato, where he was showing the video IL QUARTIERE DI SANTA CROCE IN FIRENZE TRA RECUPERO E TRASFORMAZIONE. 3 and 4 april 1992 he was organized TV ON TV - VIDEOARTE COME CRITICA DELLA TELEVISIONE , at the Marino Marini Museum in Pistoia. % He parteciped to show NEOSITUAZIONISTA in Palazzo Cocchi-Serristori in Florence (5-18 june 1992), with the videoinstallation NEOSITUAZIONISMO. He was present with the video OTHELLO to the Videoartist's International Exposition "SHIFTING BORDERS", at the LAING Art Gallery in NEWCASTLE (Great Britain) from 20 august to 18 october 1992. In 1992 he was guest of TAORMINA ARTE - VII Rassegna Internazionale del Video d'Autore, in TAORMINA (28-30 august 1992). He was in the Organize Committee of the International Workshop "VEDERE L'IDEA - Spazio virtuale e tempo reale nel disegno della cittą", at the University of FLORENCE (26-27 november 1992) He was in the Organize Committee of the 7th FESTIVAL DEL VIDEO of FLORENCE (15-16 february 1993). He partecipated to 2° show NEOSITUAZIONISTA in Palazzo Cocchi Serristori in Florence (17-25 april 1993) with the videoinstallation NEOANTICO. He was teacher for the Course of VISUAL COMMUNICATION and PHOTOGRAPHY, A.A. '92-'93, organize from Centro per lo studio dell'Arte Grafica "IL BISONTE" of Florence. He was organized of PROSPETTIVA VIDEO, at the Museo per l'Arte Contemporanea PECCI in Prato (28 august-5 september 1993). In november 1993 he was guest of 8th AUDIO VISUAL EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL of ARNHEM (Holland). He was speaker in the Conference "INGORGO VISIVO", at the Centro di Documentazione Audiovisiva in Pontassieve-Florence (21 november 1993). So curator of a video selection he was the winner of the Silver Ear of Corn to 3th Biennal of the Cinema for Peace, in Pisa (22-23 november 1993). He partecipated to the show of the label L'ALTRAIMMAGINE in CONTAINER-Centro Cultura Contemporanea in Florence (28 january 1994) with the videoinstallation KASKO VIRTUALE. In 1994 he was guest of RICCIONE TTVV at Riccione and of ANTEPRIMA at Bellaria and FANO VIDEO FESTIVAL at Fano, in selecton with the video ARTE E FINZIONI. In I995 he was guest of VIDEOMAKERS at Rozzano, of VIDEOCREARE a Chianciano, of RETINA at Szigetvar (Hungary) and of TRACES DE VIES at Clermont-Ferrand (France). In special show on local TV station TELEIDEA, in the program PIANETA VIDEO, on air 9.4.95. In 1995 may he was the winner of the WATER best spot which was organized by Consorzio Risorse Idriche of Florence, on air in June and July on TV Stations: CANALE 10 and RTV38. He partecipated to 2th FILM+ARC International Biennale of Cinema and Architecture, in Graz (Austria) 22-26 November 1995. In 1996 he was guest of EUROPEAN VIDEO CLIP FESTIVAL OF ENVORONMENT at Neuchatel (Switzerland) and of RETINA at Szigetvar (Hungary).In special show organized from KINOGLAZ at the NUOVO TEATRO DELLE COMMEDIE of Livorno, in 2 April 1996. He was in the Jury of 4° VIDEOMINUTO POP TV, in Prato (6 September 1996). He was organized of FILM+ARC ą FIRENZE at University of Florence, 2-5 December 1996.